Episode 193: Sharks Stumble, Trade for Studnicka

The Fin Factor: Sharks Update and Controversial Calls

Welcome back to another episode of The Fin Factor! In this episode, hosts Paul and Aaron discuss the recent games played by the San Jose Sharks and address some controversial calls that have sparked discussions among fans. Let's dive in and see what they have to say.

Set Update and High Standards

Paul and Aaron start by addressing the elephant in the room - the floating boxes. They explain that the set still needs to be completed due to technical difficulties with the LED lighting. However, they assure viewers that once the set is 100% ready, they will be back on set to deliver the best possible show. They commend Superdrew's Jason for his dedication to providing a high-quality product and express their excitement for the final set reveal.

Sharks vs. Winnipeg: Justin Bailey's Goal and Eklund's Progress

The hosts discuss the recent game against the Winnipeg Jets, where the Sharks secured a 2-1 win. They highlight Justin Bailey's first goal in a long time, emphasizing his hard work and the positive impact he brings to the team. They also praise the performance of rookie William Eklund, who showcased his scoring ability with a beautiful one-timer goal. Eklund's progress throughout the season is a key focus for the Sharks, and they express their excitement for his development.

Sharks vs. Arizona: Controversial Calls and Accountability

Moving on to the game against the Arizona Coyotes, Paul and Aaron discuss the controversial calls during the match. They first address the goalie interference call on a potential goal by William Eklund. While some fans were upset with the call, the hosts understand the difficulty of making such decisions and acknowledge that it could have gone either way.

They then discuss the offside call that nullified a goal by Mikael Granlund. Anthony Duclair's lack of hustle to get back onside led to the disallowed goal. The hosts commend the Sharks' decision to hold Duclair accountable by benching him for the next game against Colorado. They emphasize the importance of rewarding hard work and disciplining players who do not meet the team's expectations.

MacDonald's Penalty and the Role of Fighting

Paul and Aaron touch on the penalty assessed to Jacob MacDonald, which resulted in a 5-minute major and a game misconduct. They discuss the controversy surrounding the call and express their understanding of the referee's decision to call it a major for further review. They also mention the potential role of fighting in self-policing the game and maintaining accountability.

Colorado Game and Blackwood's Performance

The hosts briefly mention the 6-2 loss to the Colorado Avalanche, acknowledging the difficulty of playing in Colorado due to the altitude change. They praise the performance of Sharks' goaltender Mackenzie Blackwood, who has been a standout player for the team throughout the season. His consistent efforts have given the Sharks a chance to win in many games.

Former Shark Aaron Dell Gets PTO with Carolina Hurricanes

In other news, former Shark Aaron Dell has been given a professional tryout (PTO) with the Carolina Hurricanes. This comes after the Hurricanes waived their goaltender, Antti Raanta, and sent him down to the minors. Dell's experience and skills make him a valuable addition to any team needing goaltending help. It will be interesting to see how Dell performs with the Hurricanes and if he secures a spot on their roster.

Upcoming Games and Giveaways

Looking ahead, the Sharks have a few exciting games coming up. On Tuesday, they will face off against the LA Kings. Despite the Kings' strong performance this season, the Sharks have historically put up a good fight against them. It will be a competitive game, and the Sharks have a chance to come out on top.

On Thursday, the Sharks will take on the Arizona Coyotes again, at home. This game will also feature the "ugly sweater" shirsey giveaway. The Sharks are known to create unique and popular shirsey designs; this giveaway is no exception. Fans attending the game will have the opportunity to get their hands on this special holiday-themed shirzy.

Noah Gregor Goal Watch

During the episode, Paul and Aaron discuss Noah Gregor's recent performance and the number of goals he has scored. They mention that he has been playing on the top line, improving his scoring ability. However, they do not provide the exact goal total.


In conclusion, Paul and Aaron provide an update on the Sharks' recent games and address the controversial calls that have sparked fan discussions. They highlight the importance of accountability and hard work within the team and the impressive performances of players like Justin Bailey, William Eklund, and Mackenzie Blackwood. As the season progresses, they look forward to seeing the Sharks continue to develop and improve. Stay tuned for more updates on The Fin Factor!

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