Episode 196: Sharks Still Losing, Couture Return Imminent

Welcome back to The Fin Factor! In this episode, Paul and Aaron dive into the recent games played by the Sharks and the challenges they've been facing. Let's take a closer look at the recap of the games and the insights shared by the hosts.

Sharks' Recent Games

  • The hosts analyze the games against Detroit, Winnipeg, and Toronto, highlighting the team's performance and the efforts put in by the players.
  • The upcoming road trip to the northeast and the potential for a strong showing against Toronto are discussed.

Player Performance

  • The hosts discuss the recent trade involving Cutter Gauthier and the insights shared by Scott Hartnell regarding the player's preference and the trade dynamics.
  • Insights into Will Smith's performance at the World Juniors and the potential impact on his future with the Sharks are shared.

Future Outlook

  • The potential for improvement as the team navigates through a challenging season is explored, along with the impact of upcoming games on the team's standings.

Recent Trade and Player Movement

  • The potential impact of Mackenzie Blackwood and Michael Granlund's performance on the team's future is analyzed, providing insights into their potential impact on the team's future.

Pride Night Game and Giveaways

  • The hosts discuss the upcoming Pride Night game against Buffalo and provide details about the event, including pre-game activities, ticket information, and a portion of each ticket purchase going to Silicon Valley Pride.
  • They also mention the availability of Fin Factor hats, shirts, stickers, and other merchandise to support the show, as well as future giveaways and promotions.


In this episode, Paul and Aaron provide a comprehensive analysis of the Sharks' recent games and the team's performance. They also share insights into the players' efforts, upcoming events, and the potential for improvement in the future.

Stay tuned for more updates and analysis on The Fin Factor!

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