Episode 199: San Jose Sharks Win Streak, New Third Jersey

The Fin Factor: Episode 199 Recap

In this episode of The Fin Factor, Aaron and Devereaux discuss the recent games of the San Jose Sharks, including their victory against the New York Rangers and their loss to the Buffalo Sabres. Unfortunately, Paul was unable to join the podcast due to illness, so Devereaux filled in for him once again.

The New York Rangers Game

The Sharks managed to secure a three-game win streak by defeating the New York Rangers in overtime. Despite being down 2-0, the Sharks made a comeback and ultimately won the game. Some key highlights from the game include:

  • The Sharks' penalty kill going 3 for 3, shutting down the Rangers' deadly power play.
  • The return of Logan Couture and Nico Sturm, which significantly improved the team's performance.
  • Shakir Moukmadoulin's impressive NHL debut, playing a game-high 28 shifts and not looking out of place on the ice.

The Buffalo Sabres Game

In contrast to their victory against the Rangers, the Sharks struggled in their game against the Buffalo Sabres. Despite starting strong and taking a 2-0 lead, they were unable to maintain their momentum and ended up losing the game 5-2. Some key takeaways from the game include:

  • The Sharks' inability to hold onto their lead and respond to the Sabres' offensive firepower.
  • Shakir Moukmadoulin's promising performance in his first NHL game, despite the team's overall loss.

Retiring Jersey Numbers

The podcast also delved into the topic of retiring jersey numbers for former Sharks players. While there has been discussion about retiring the jerseys of players like Joe Pavelski, Evgeni Nabokov, and Owen Nolan, the hosts expressed their reservations about retiring too many numbers, as it could lead to a shortage of available numbers for current and future players.

The New Third Jersey Release

The Sands of Sharks just released their new third jersey, which sparked a lively discussion among the hosts. They shared their initial thoughts on the design and color scheme, as well as the significance of the team's decision to introduce a new jersey. Some key points from the discussion include:

  • The evolution of the Sharks' jersey designs, including the previous stealth jersey and the new third jersey.
  • The marketing strategy behind the new jersey, aiming to appeal to a broader fan base and generate excitement during a challenging season for the team.
  • Speculation about the potential impact of the new jersey on the team's performance and fan engagement.

Contract and Roster Analysis

The hosts also discussed the contract situation of Marc-Edouard Vlasic and the challenges it poses for the Sharks. They highlighted the value Vlasic brings to the team as a defensive player but expressed concerns about his hefty contract and the implications for the team's salary cap.


The episode concluded with a discussion about potential candidates for jersey retirement and the significance of the honor. The hosts emphasized the importance of reserving this honor for players who have made a significant impact on the team, potentially through winning a Stanley Cup. Overall, the episode provided valuable insights into the Sharks' recent performances and sparked thought-provoking discussions about the team's history and future.

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