Episode 202: Chrona’s Strong Game, Trade Deadline Week

The Fin Factor Episode 202 Recap

Hey everyone, welcome back to The Fin Factor. In this episode, we had a lot to cover, including a recap of the Sharks' recent games, analysis of player performances, and discussions about the upcoming trade deadline.

Cookie Conversations

We kicked off the episode by discussing the latest addition to our set, a fantastic box full of fresh cookies that superfan Debbie dropped off for us. We had some fun conversations about enjoying the cookies on set.

Sharks Hockey Recap

The Sharks had a busy week with 4 games, and we delved into the analysis of each game. From tough losses to standout performances, it was an eventful week for the team.

  • The game against the New Jersey Devils was a tough one, with the Sharks struggling to handle the Devils' speed and odd man breaks.
  • The game against the Ducks was entertaining, with back and forth action and strong performances from players like Anthony DuClear.
  • In the game against Dallas, the Sharks lost in a shootout, but Magnus Chrona's solid performance in goal was a highlight.

Kevin Labanc's Struggles

One of the key discussions revolved around Kevin Labanc and his struggles. With trade rumors swirling around, it seems like his time with the Sharks may be coming to an end. The decision to scratch him and replace him with a defenseman playing as a forward highlighted the challenges he's been facing.

Trade Deadline Speculation

As the trade deadline approaches, we couldn't help but speculate about potential trade scenarios and the lack of movement in the league. We discussed the slow trade deadline and the impact it may have on the Sharks and other teams.

Player Comparison and Potential Trades

The conversation shifted to comparing players like Eklund and Granlund, discussing their potential, and the impact of experience on player performance. We also discussed upcoming games and how potential trades could affect team dynamics.


The recent games have shown both highs and lows for the Sharks, with standout performances from some players and struggles for others. As the trade deadline approaches, it will be interesting to see how the team navigates these challenges and positions themselves for the future.

Stay tuned for more updates on The Fin Factor and the latest in Sharks hockey.

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Thanks for tuning in!

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