Episode 92: San Jose Sharks 2019-20 season review

Review the past San Jose Sharks season with us as we highlight some of our favorite moments. We had some spooky memories on the set, premonitions of things to come, and poke lots of fun at ourselves. Please enjoy and we are looking forward to another season of Sharks hockey with all our followers!


Paul Sunseri: [00:00:00] Hey everyone! Welcome back to The Fin Factor. I'm Paul.

Aaron Sholl: [00:00:03] I'm Aaron.

Paul Sunseri: [00:00:04] And this is episode #92.

Aaron Sholl: [00:00:06] 92! We're at that point where there are no more players left.

Paul Sunseri: [00:00:10] I think we've been at that point. It's ridiculous.

Aaron Sholl: [00:00:12] Yeah, it's getting worse. There's only one left. So.

Paul Sunseri: [00:00:15] Who is that one? Let's just get it out of the way.

Aaron Sholl: [00:00:18] All right now, number 94. Any guesses?

Paul Sunseri: [00:00:23] Uh, was Korolyuk #94?

Aaron Sholl: [00:00:24] There you go! That's it.

Paul Sunseri: [00:00:26] Oh my goodness.

Aaron Sholl: [00:00:27] Yeah, look at that.

Paul Sunseri: [00:00:28] I don't even know how I remembered that. That's incredible. Anyway, uh, so this episode will not really be like a huge long discussion type episode. What we're going to do is we're gonna do the same thing that we did back in episode number 50. We're going to wrap up the season, season two of The Fin Factor, by showing you guys some clips, some funny moments, some predictions, um, the cool things that happened during the season. And just a way to say, you know, thank you to all the fans who've been with us throughout this crazy, crazy year.

Uh, you know, we've been doing live shows and you guys have been still popping in, showing up. And it's been great having those discussions with you. So we're going to go ahead and start rolling some of these clips. Aaron, do you have anything else you want to say about these clips before we get going?

Aaron Sholl: [00:01:06] Uh, some of these are pretty funny. Some of these are kind of creepy and, uh, I hope you enjoy and thanks again for sticking with us and watching our show and being a part of our group.

Paul Sunseri: [00:01:18] Roll that beautiful bean footage!

Aaron Sholl: [00:01:30] ...a couple of times, do you think we try and pick up a late first round pick because the draft is so deep, this upcoming draft is so deep?

Paul Sunseri: [00:01:37] Uh, I mean, yeah, every team's going to want a first round pick, right?--

Aaron Sholl: [00:01:44] Nice.

Paul Sunseri: [00:01:44] We lost this.

Aaron Sholl: [00:01:45] That's Goodrow's stick.

Paul Sunseri: [00:01:47] Yeah.

Aaron Sholl: [00:01:47] Right.

Super Producer Jason: [00:01:48] Wait, where's the other part?

Paul Sunseri: [00:01:49] The other part's over. It's broken. Okay.

Aaron Sholl: [00:01:52] Goodrow heard us talking about him. He's like, you're not moving me...

Jamie Baker: [00:01:55] ...cause I'm not on Snapchat. So. I have two daughters they're in their twenties. I don't mind.

Paul Sunseri: [00:02:02] Yeah.

Aaron Sholl: [00:02:02] Yeah.

Jamie Baker: [00:02:03] I see enough. I see enough on Instagram. I had a buddy, I had a buddy here. He liked one of my -- like one of my daughters is pursuing acting and then there's, she wants to also potentially use modeling to make some money. And she posts something like bikini or something, or, I dunno, she was in lingerie and one of my buddies liked it and I'm like: really? You don't like that --

Paul Sunseri: [00:02:22] Yeah.

Jamie Baker: [00:02:22] You don't like that online.

Paul Sunseri: [00:02:26] Like you can just move on next time.

Aaron Sholl: [00:02:29] Yeah.

Jamie Baker: [00:02:30] Yeah. You don't like it. Like there's some, I'm like really like Briley. Did you really do that.

Paul Sunseri: [00:02:35] We're not on Snapchat. So...

Aaron Sholl: [00:02:37] ...how about real quick: how do you take care of the trolls online?

Kevin Kurz: [00:02:41] I should be better at it. It takes a lot for me to block someone, but yeah. You know what drives me crazy, with like Evander Kane the last night, right?

Aaron Sholl: [00:02:50] Yeah.

Kevin Kurz: [00:02:51] But there was a dirty play. You see the guy coming, you don't put your fist up and punch him in the face. And then, but because I say that's a dirty play, then he doesn't get suspended. I hear all this. I told you I wasn't getting suspended. I'm like, I didn't say he was gonna get suspended.

I said it was dirty. He got a five  minute major and a fine. That means it's a dirty play. So stay off Twitter.

Aaron Sholl: [00:03:10] Its hard.

Kevin Kurz: [00:03:11] Yeah. Stay off Twitter if you've had a couple of beers. Stay off Twitter after 8:00 PM.

Aaron Sholl: [00:03:16] Yeah.

Kevin Kurz: [00:03:17] Those are the first two rules.

Aaron Sholl: [00:03:18] Yeah. We're kind of getting hit up a little bit, I think on ours --

Paul Sunseri: [00:03:21] and breaking all the rules.

Aaron Sholl: [00:03:21] --starting through this year. Yeah.

Paul Sunseri: [00:03:23] It's no good.

Aaron Sholl: [00:03:23] This guy. Yeah. He needs to--

Paul Sunseri: [00:03:25] I go back and forth quite a bit.

Kevin Kurz: [00:03:26] It's hard sometimes.

Paul Sunseri: [00:03:27] It's really, really difficult. Yeah, but --

Aaron Sholl: [00:03:29] Nobody wins on the internet except the internet...

...so let's talk about the week ahead.

Paul Sunseri: [00:03:34] Well, before we do that, can we just, Timo Meier?

Aaron Sholl: [00:03:36] Sure.

Paul Sunseri: [00:03:37] Can we just, can we rag on him a little bit?

Aaron Sholl: [00:03:39] Yes.

Paul Sunseri: [00:03:40] What is going on with Timo Meier?

Aaron Sholl: [00:03:42] It is not Timo time.

Paul Sunseri: [00:03:43] It is not Timo time. No. Timo time has passed.

Aaron Sholl: [00:03:46] I'm keeping that like that until he scores a goal.

Paul Sunseri: [00:03:49] I like that. Okay. Timo time is a snoozed right now, we can say. So, thank you...

...those gems, now Aaron was just laughing and I have an idea of why he was laughing and yeah. So what we're going to do right now is we're going to have the ceremony. Okay. We're going to have the raising of the Timo time clock. Is that what they're doing?

Aaron Sholl: [00:04:06] Yes.

Paul Sunseri: [00:04:06] Okay, good. So here we go.

Aaron Sholl: [00:04:07] With all caps, BRING UP THE TIMO CLOCK!

Paul Sunseri: [00:04:10] Do you want to make any noises here? Like a little--

Aaron Sholl: [00:04:12] Yeah, you want to ring the bell?

Paul Sunseri: [00:04:16] Okay. Um, it is Timo time once again. It's about --

Aaron Sholl: [00:04:21] Doo Doo Doo--

Paul Sunseri: [00:04:22] -- time. That's for sure. Yeah. You know, what's hilarious. And I brought this up to you just before we started here. Thank you. We're good. We're good. Thank you. Is it --

Aaron Sholl: [00:04:33] Three, that's three bells.

Paul Sunseri: [00:04:34] Timo was, is now showing up as the team's leading goal scorer. Now he's in a three way tie, but when you look on it, nhl.car knows, it was the sharks app, I think is what it was. Timo shows up as the leading goal scorer...

...a third line, fourth line, even, even on the higher lines. Right. So they're just plugging guys in, especially if you know, Timo Meier and Kevin Labanc continue to underperform. I'm sure they'll get pushed down. Yeah. Thank you. I was going to say, I almost forgot. We need to push down the Timo time thing. Uh, sorry. Kyle, uh, Timo's mom...

...oh, I just realized we're not going to move that clock up at all anymore. Yeah.

Aaron Sholl: [00:05:08] Maybe.

Paul Sunseri: [00:05:09] Well, okay. If the season comes back and he asked for sure, but yeah.

Aaron Sholl: [00:05:13] Yup.

Paul Sunseri: [00:05:13] There you go. Alright, well, uh, basically, yeah, we don't know what we're going to do for the rest of our time here, uh, for the season, at least...

...it's funny the way they say this: carefully approach.

Aaron Sholl: [00:05:27] Yeah, don't shove up your nose.

Paul Sunseri: [00:05:27] Crushed inhalant. No, but you're supposed to go--

Aaron Sholl: [00:05:30] You break it in half?

Paul Sunseri: [00:05:31] You're supposed to --

Aaron Sholl: [00:05:31] --Like this?

Paul Sunseri: [00:05:31] Approach the inhalant. No, I think you can just pinch it. There like that. Oh God.

Aaron Sholl: [00:05:39] Oh, Jesus. Oh.

Paul Sunseri: [00:05:42] Should I just use yours?

Aaron Sholl: [00:05:42] Yeah! Oh, it's a deep burn!

Paul Sunseri: [00:05:46] Oh! Oh, wow.

Aaron Sholl: [00:05:49] Oh, wow. I think we need to do this before every show.

Paul Sunseri: [00:05:53] Hold on a sec. Whoa!

Aaron Sholl: [00:05:54] Dude! You took a--

Paul Sunseri: [00:05:56] Oh my God! Oh, why am I still holding it by my nose? Oh, it's like wasabi. Like, wow. Ooh. Oh, that'll wake you up.

Aaron Sholl: [00:06:07] Yup.

Paul Sunseri: [00:06:08] Now I understand when they're on the bench, they're like: YEAH!

Aaron Sholl: [00:06:10] You should bring this to your games.

Paul Sunseri: [00:06:11] Oh geez, wow. Sorry if I'm yelling. Holy!

Aaron Sholl: [00:06:15] My eyes are watering.

Paul Sunseri: [00:06:15] Okay, enough of that.

Aaron Sholl: [00:06:18] Don't take a large smell!

Paul Sunseri: [00:06:19] Thank you!

Aaron Sholl: [00:06:21] Maybe I should have read that before.

Paul Sunseri: [00:06:22] Yeah. Nice...

...yeah, that was, that was really awesome. Being able to go back and take a look at those clips, um, especially that one.

Aaron Sholl: [00:06:30] I know, like I said, it was kind of creepy. Like that stick fell off. It was Barkley Goodrow's stick. We were talking about possibly a trade for a late first round pick later in the season ended up being Barclay Goodrow.

And that episode was from the very end of September. So almost exactly a year ago and a week ago from now, just creepy. So creepy.

Paul Sunseri: [00:06:50] Yeah. The stick falls off right when we mentioned the trade and it's Barclay Goodrow's stick. And it was the first, it was just the stars aligned on that. It was really spooky, uh, finding that one. Good, find by you, Aaron, by the way, he scrubbed for that one.

Aaron Sholl: [00:07:02] Thanks.

Paul Sunseri: [00:07:03] And now we're kind of thinking of maybe talking a little bit about, um, this past season for the San Jose Sharks. Um, it was a really wild, weird, crazy year. Things didn't go so well. Uh, do you think we should, um, rehash that whole experience or do you think we should just put a nail on the coffin and get on with season three of The Fin Factor?

Aaron Sholl: [00:07:22] I think, uh--

Brodie Brazil: [00:07:23] Get on with it!

Scott Hannan: [00:07:26] Yes. Get on with it!

Ensemble: [00:07:28] YES GET ON WITH IT!

Paul Sunseri: [00:07:30] Ready? Ready. Pound cake, French fries!

Jumbo God: [00:07:36] GET ON WITH IT!

Paul Sunseri: [00:07:39] Okay. Well, I guess the, uh, people have spoken, um, but that, by the way: super producer Jason having some fun there. With all of the people that we've had do interviews with us, they've helped cut those together. And that's a new weapon in super producer Jason's arsenal for when we, uh, go off the rails during the live shows.

Aaron Sholl: [00:07:58] Yes, there'll definitely be more in the future.

Paul Sunseri: [00:08:01] That was so awesome though. Alright, so we're going to go ahead and just wrap this up, uh, season two: Fin Factor. As far as this past season for the Sharks concern, I'm happy to just let it go and look to the future here. So be sure that you are subscribed, make sure you hit that bell so that you get all of the notifications for when we do go live this next season. I got a feeling it's going to be a much better season. We can't do much worse. Aaron, what do you think?

Aaron Sholl: [00:08:26] I know exactly. We can't be much worse. So you can only go up from here.

Paul Sunseri: [00:08:29] Sounds good. Okay guys. Well, Hey again, to all of our fans, all the people who keep showing up in the lives and chatting with us, we do appreciate you. And we look forward to providing more content.

Aaron Sholl: [00:08:40] Sounds good.

Paul Sunseri: [00:08:41] Alright. Well for super producer Jason, I'm Paul .

Aaron Sholl: [00:08:46] I'm Aaron.

Paul Sunseri: [00:08:47] And you just watched the end of season two of The Fin Factor.

Aaron Sholl: [00:08:51] Woohoo! Bye!

Paul Sunseri: [00:08:54] Thanks for tuning in. If you liked this episode, check out our other content, especially interviews. You can interact with us directly through social media @TheFinFactor and on Instagram @FinFactor. And don't forget to join our live streams on YouTube.

Aaron Sholl: [00:09:05] Visit our website at thefinfactor.com where you'll find all of our episodes as videos or podcasts. You'll also find our exclusive merchandise to help support our show!


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